Reviewed quarterly, our current priority projects include:

1. Minimising Sovereign Risk

Queensland’s future growth relies on increasing access to investment capital – both domestic and international.  A current focus is on the increasing risks facing investors in Queensland resulting from ongoing changes to government policy and programs.   It is essential for Queensland’s growth that the threat of sovereign risk for existing and potential investors is minimised.

Our focus is on examining sovereign risk levels and measures to minimise its impact upon Queensland’s investors.

2. Smart Infrastructure Utilisation

Australia’s growth as a knowledge based economy and the prosperity this offers goes hand in hand with the growth of Queensland’s cities and regions.

We are examining the benefits of early adoption of real time data use and smart technology and the benefits this offers for better utilisation of infrastructure.

3. Impact Investing – Finding Profit in Social and Environment Purpose

With investors seeking alternative vehicles to deliver positive social and environmental outcomes and governments struggling to fund core services, impacting investing has emerged as a key opportunity to facilitate social and environmental goals.

We are examining the opportunities and constraints for impacting investing in Queensland.

4. Improving Business and Research Collaboration

Queensland has both world-class research institutions and businesses.  Our growth and development would benefit immensely with closer collaboration between the two.

Our focus is on identifying the systemic changes needed for this to happen.

5. Meeting the Needs of Industrial Energy Consumers

As major contributors to Queensland’s growth, our industrys’ energy needs are rapidly changing and evolving.

Our focus is to provide an industry-lead, independent assessment of the key considerations to support the needs and growth of Queensland’s major energy consumers.  We also aim to provide comment on an energy policy framework to support industry as a key part of the Queensland economy.

6. Enhancing Food and Agribusiness Investment

Queensland has the largest area of agricultural land of any Australian state and is well-placed to benefit from our proximity to the growing demand for quality food from Asia.

We are examining barriers and opportunities to attracting investment in food production and agribusiness expansion in Queensland.

7. Expanding Our Share of International Education and Training Services

Queensland’s international education services provide significant economic benefit, as well as having very significant long-term cultural and relationship benefits.

We are examining what more is needed to expand our share of international education and training services.