Our History

Queensland Futures Institute was established in 2013 by well-known Queensland dynamo, Mr Jim McKnoulty and current Managing Director, Steve Greenwood, in collaboration with a number of key Queensland organisational leaders all invested in accelerating solutions to the following challenges:

  • The creation of a dynamic, robust and thriving economy is critical to the future social and environmental sustainability of Queensland
  • Business and industry must take responsibility for working with the Queensland community in creating the environment necessary for growth
  • We need liveable communities to attract and retain the innovators and leaders essential to the provision of creative solutions to global challenges
  • The current level of public policy discussion on key growth challenges is limited; that catalytic change is needed.

With a ‘Queensland First’ mantra, QFI is now broadly recognised as bringing a new multi sectoral approach to public policy reform in Queensland.

As an independent organisation, we are uniquely placed to work alongside both private enterprise and government, conducting and introducing evidence-based research projects, supporting and influencing policy review and reform, and coordinating expert opinion and leadership forums across both industry specific and multi-sector focuses. Our membership continues to grow, with key organisations invested in driving positive accelerated and sustainable growth within Queensland, committing to further enhance our collective voice.

Mr Jim McKnoulty

Founding Chairman

Mr Steve Greenwood

Founding Managing Director


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