As Queensland’s only dedicated, trusted and independent thought-leadership organisation, Queensland Futures Institute embraces members that matter.

QFI relies on the membership and support of quality, visionary leaders and their organisations to continue to drive accelerated policy solutions, and influence positive societal and economic change for Queensland.

Uniquely placed to work alongside both private enterprise and government, Queensland Futures Institute collaborates with its members, industry experts, government and community leaders to deliver:

  • Accelerated public policy reform
  • An enhance Social License to Operate
  • Superior multisector networking forums
  • Executive leadership development


Accelerated Public Policy Reform

As a QFI member, you are afforded greater access to the public policy debate,  driving economic and societal growth through thought leadership and evidence-based research.

Enhanced Social License to Operate

Be part of the solution for  ‘A Better Queensland’, while enhancing your corporate reputation and brand equity. QFI ensures social responsibility and stimulus sits alongside economic growth plans.

Superior Multisector Networking

Productive and collaborative business relationships are critical to organisational success. Exchange knowledge with your peers, and be informed by leading experts across a broad range of sectors.

Executive Leadership Development

QFI membership allows you and your team to cultivate valuable experience and new contacts, sharing ideas, challenges and emerging business opportunities with a select group of Queensland’s premier business leaders.

How do we do this?

  • Multi-sectoral collaboration with policymakers, experts and stakeholders
  • Setting a politically independent reform agenda
  • Compelling business insights through evidence-based research
  • Shaping the debate via targeted leadership forums and events
  • Briefing government officials and legislators
  • Building meaningful connections between business and    community organisations
  • Connection, thought-leadership and agenda setting via multisector  peer Councils 

We work hard to ensure that we are:
Agile, Apolitical, Diverse, Respected, Trusted and Unique

How does my organisation become a member?


Membership with Queensland Futures Institute is open to select organisations actively invested in contributing to the future economic prosperity of Queensland and Queenslanders’.

Membership is by application.

For a copy of our Corporate Membership Prospectus,
outlining our comprehensive list of member benefits, please contact us.

Commercial Director, Kylie Bowden



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