The QFI carries out independent and rigorous analysis of Queensland specific challenges and opportunities – offering new ideas and proposals from the near to the long-term.

Policy recommendations are developed in collaboration with policymakers, experts and stakeholders. We regularly brief government officials, legislators and other decision-makers.

The QFI owes no allegiance to any government or to any political body, and does not take institutional positions on policy issues. All research programmes and staff adhere to the QFI’s Policy on Research Indpendence and Integrity.

The QFI encourages all members to propose research projects relating to the future economic and societal development of Queensland for consideration by the Queensland Futures Council – please contact Steve Greenwood on or 0488 721 156

Current Research:

Understanding the Real Reasons Businesses Choose to Locate and Invest in Queensland

Our Opportunities for Growth Report  identified future opportunities and challenges for Queensland’s economic and societal growth. Further work since that report found that there was a limited understanding of the real factors that influence the reasons businesses choose to locate and invest in Queensland.

In order to fill this knowledge gap, the QFI has commenced the development of a new research report on the factors most important for these businesses to locate and invest in Queensland, examining but not limited to: salaries and wages, payroll tax, work cover costs, stamp duty, land tax, council rates and charges, skilled workforce availability, affordability of commercial premises and workforce housing, workforce lifestyle, infrastructure availability, energy reliability, and other government policy settings.

The report is expected to be finalised by September 2019.

For any queries, please contact Steve Greenwood on or 0488 721 156

Proposed Research:

Building Queensland as the Energy Hub for Australia and the Asia Pacific

Our Opportunities for Growth Report identified an opportunity for Queensland to become the energy hub of Australia and the Asia Pacific, supplying in-demand resources and developing sustainable, low-carbon solutions. The report found that there continues to be rising demand in the Asia Pacific region for resources such as high-quality thermal and metallurgical coal, gas and renewable energy solutions.

The QFI is seeking interest in the a “Building Queensland as the Energy Hub for Australia and the Asia Pacific”, which aims to identify the next steps to better grow and market Queensland’s energy resources and expertise.

Considerations include:

    • Understanding the breadth of Queensland’s energy advantage, including:
      • Research and education excellence
      • Industry knowledge and experience
      • Energy resource diversity and quality
      • High quality infrastructure
      • World-leading environmental regulatory systems
    • Analysing and quantifying the economic opportunity across Australia and the Asia Pacific
    • Developing a macro strategy to realise the opportunity, including consideration of the value State-wide approach to marketing and promotion, as well as the possible roles for the Queensland Government.

We are currently seeking interest in undertaking this project, a fully independent, apolitical, evidence-based report, which will be undertaken in accordance with the QFI’s Principles for Independent Research Policy.

Delivering Global Insights to Queensland’s Regions

There exists an opportunity to develop a broader strategic foresight capability that brings together perspectives, and can be applied to decision making across Queensland regions – local governments, industry, businesses and community organisations.

This would be apolitical, objective, independent and impartial, combining research excellence with real-world application to produce relevant and practical data insights for regional and local decision makers. This program will respond to all industry, business, community sectors and regions, providing a whole-of-state view of the future.

Working in partnership with regional development organisation, the program would build foresight literacy and capacity across Queensland, promoting prosperity, global competitiveness and quality of life for the people of Queensland.


    • An Annual Queensland Future Opportunities Report on global megatrends, scenarios, risks and opportunities for Queensland over the next 20 years
    • Annual Regional Future Opportunities Reports specifically tailored for each of Queensland unique regions; identify the trends, risks and opportunities for each region over the next 20 years
    • Regular engagement workshops and consultations with stakeholders across regional communities
    • Regional Future Opportunities Seminars series open to regional businesses, community organisations and local governments, where strategic foresight experts would present and discuss current foresight topics
    • An Annual Queensland Future Opportunities Conference in regional Queensland for business, community and local government to discuss latest trends and opportunities and build foresight capacity and knowledge.

We are currently in discussions with the Queensland Government, seeking funding for an ongoing resourcing program.